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August 14th, 2014
01:09 pm


My exciting week so far
• On Monday, I met the family friend's mother in law who my parents met last month (i.e. a complete stranger) for dinner in Ashiya, between where I live and Kobe. She's kind of strange, and her Japanese "partner" who has lived in Kansai his whole life tried to tell me wildly incorrect things about places in Japan that I've lived, but it wasn't too terribly awkward. They live in a nice house (up ALL the hills) and we had good food and some conversation and then watched tennis for 45 minutes, which made me feel right at home since my dad always watches tennis. XD She's not really the kind of person I think I'd ever be close to (for example, how can you have lived in Japan for 22 years without learning Japanese?!), but she's very nice and well meaning and knows a lot about the area and I wouldn't mind seeing her occasionally.

• On Tuesday, buzzbird and I went to Minoo Park up in the north of Osaka. I'd looked it up as a place to go for fall leaves, but it was really nice this time too. Everything was very green, and it was cloudy so it wasn't too hot even though the humidity was insane. Because of the typhoon rains, the river was bigger than usual, and the waterfall was really impressive. They also had the cutest mascot and nice little stores along the path where we bought yuzu cider and omiyage. It wasn't an easy walk (for me, anyway), but not strenuous either, and totally worth it, and we went to a foot spa by the station afterward to make our feet happier. XD My pictures are here if you're interested.

And then we hung out in Umeda for a bit before meeting up with spurious and her mom to go to a Chinese restaurant in Namba, where I had Peking duck for the first time. I had duck before and didn't really like it, but this time it was delicious. I'll have to take my parents there when they theoretically visit in the fall. ("Theoretically" because they still have no plane tickets or any concrete plans.)

• Yesterday, I was going to go to Nara for a light up thing, but my back was grumpy from two days of hills, so I didn't. Sadface. And now today I'm teaching a private lesson and two classes for my first day of regular work, meep. I slept really badly last night for some reason, so I'm kind of worried about how well I'll be able to handle those and make a good first impression, but hopefully I'll be able to fake it well enough.

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March 21st, 2012
09:57 pm


I told fuyukoi I'd write up a translation of A for her since my interpretation is different from the other one I've seen posted. It's the kind of song that leaves a lot of room for intepretation, but I like mine, so I figured I'd share in case anyone else is interested. It's not particularly polished or anything, but I think it gets the meaning across.

The usual disclaimers apply: I'm not fluent in Japanese by any stretch, and I have no idea what goes on in Subaru's head, so I had to just guess at what he meant in a lot of places where it's ambiguous. If any of you who know Japanese better spot mistakes, please do point them out. (Or even if you just have an alternative intepretation, I'd be happy to hear it.) Likewise, if you spot any typos, please tell me so I can fix them. XD

Omedetou omedetou~Collapse )

Also, here is a live rip of the song, because the album version just doesn't capture it's full awesomeness.

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June 7th, 2011
09:30 pm


Looooong time no drama fic
Title: Together
Fandom: Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto
Pairing: Yuuji/Sachiko
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Life doesn't go the way they planned, but that's not what really matters.

Notes: Hey, look, I wrote myself birthday fic! XD This is based on things mentioned in all the currently-aired episodes, but I don't know that there are any significant spoilers since it's all backstory. Thanks to fuyukoi for cheerleading.

They meet in the bar where Yuuji and his band are playing...Collapse )

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January 4th, 2010
05:15 pm


And now for something rather different
So. *cough* Long time no public fic post. This is theoretically the first of five jdrama ficlets I'll be posting over the next month, but we'll see how that goes. It's a bit late for my self-imposed deadline, and it's not at all what I would've expected to write for this drama, but when I think about it more, I'm not surprised. And I had fun even if I'm not sure anyone is interested in fic for this drama. XD

Title: Legacy
Fandom: JIN
Rating: PG at most
Summary: Miki hears stories of the women who came before her.
Notes: This is not really spoilery beyond the first episode, but it'll make a lot more sense (and have more of a point) if you've seen the whole drama. I hope. XD

There's enough strength of will for many stories...Collapse )

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December 5th, 2009
11:14 am


As promised, more translation spam. But this should be it for a while. XD Same disclaimers as usual apply: I'm not fluent in Japanese, and there's a lot of room for interpretation in translating song lyrics.

ETA: Now with 100% official lyrics.

Kanjani8 - Fuyu KoiCollapse )

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12:24 am


Okay, I just stayed up waaaay later than I should have working on this, so I'm going to post it so my night doesn't feel like a total waste. XD As usual, if you see any typos or anything, please point them out. And if you know Japanese, feel free to point out translation mistakes too.

ETA: Now with 100% official lyrics.

Kanjani8 - Snow WhiteCollapse )

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July 17th, 2009
09:36 pm


This is what happens when my flist doesn't post enough...
My Japanese is getting rusty now that I'm not taking classes, so I decided to "study" by attempting some translating. As it turns out, translating blog posts is a whole lot easier than song lyrics (there are complete sentences!), so I decided to poke at the post on the Canjani Can blog that I mentioned before where he talks about Ryo and Maru's mountain date. I'm not 100% confident in this since there were some confusing spots, but I think it's reasonably accurate overall. Nothing terribly misleading, anyway. XD If you want to compare to the original text, it's here. (If you notice any mistakes, feel free to point them out to me.)

This kind of date is nice...Collapse )

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May 13th, 2009
12:35 am


I've discovered that translating song lyrics is a good way to pass my language lab hours (and also just fun in general), so I've been doing a ton lately. I'm far too neurotic to post most of them (because I can't very well be critical of other translations if I post ones that suck), but I worked really hard on this one, so it's getting posted.

(Corrections are always welcome. There's room for interpretation, but it's also entirely possible that I've made some mistakes, so feel free to point out anything that seems off to you.)

Nishikido Ryo - Half DownCollapse )

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April 30th, 2009
07:39 pm


I translated this after Maru sang it on Shounen Club, though these lyrics are for a longer version with an extra verse. Presumably V.West performed it in this form at some point. Either way, it's a cute song.

(As usual, corrections are welcome. There's always room for interpretation in translations, but I'd like to know if I got anything totally wrong. Or if I made any stupid typos, for that matter.)

V.WEST - Ai tteCollapse )

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April 29th, 2009
05:54 pm


This was the first song I ever tried to translate (and showed anyone the results, anyway), so I've fixed it up a bit using my hopefully improved knowledge of Japanese. XD There are still some bits I'm not sure about, though, so corrections are welcome.

Hoshii Mono waCollapse )

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